705, 2019

Promotional advertorial – advertising, without adverts

You’ll undoubtedly have seen advertorials somewhere in your regular reading. It’s usually a feature article which might be labelled ‘sponsored’ or ‘promotional editorial’. Whether it’s a trade-related publication or otherwise, brands will often use this kind of feature in order to promote a new product or business service, as well as providing much-needed context. Taking advantage of publications whose

705, 2019

Subject: eShots

When Ray Tomlinson sent himself an email – the very first email to have ever been sent – in 1971, little did he know the way in which emails have changed the way we communicate. While methods of communication have broadened drastically thanks to platforms such as social media, emails are still widely used for B2B and B2C forms

705, 2019

Freight social media… A guide to glory

We understand that marketing your freight forwarding services needs to come from a plethora of outlets and channels. In the connected world we live in, an incredible way of doing this is through the power of social media. It may seem obvious that your social media prevalence is an important part of marketing in today’s freight forwarding industry, although

705, 2019

How to use email marketing to maximise your business

If you are wondering exactly why an e-shot campaign is so important then look no further than this fact: you are now 6x more likely to have someone click through to your website via email marketing than any other kind of advertising at your disposal. As well as complementing the efforts of the marketing teams of large companies, email

705, 2019

Untangling the web …perfecting your online presence

When it comes to the development of a website, sometimes it can feel a bit like a jungle for the uninitiated. However, the web has become an integral part of our lives, and understanding how your company can benefit from its use is incredibly valuable. Your website is your digital shop front and you only get one chance to

705, 2019

Content is king

...Don't fall for form without function When it comes to the web, social media, email campaigns and any other form of marketing, there has always been one vital rule: content is king. You can only make yourself desirable to prospective clients if the content you deliver to them lets all your deliverables shine through. We want to explain exactly

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