Over the past several months, we have been giving a breakdown of a variety of marketing innovations, techniques and technologies, currently making your freight forwarding business function to the peak of its capabilities.

However, taking a step back and looking at the entirety of the marketing landscape, we want to go back to basics and make sure our readership understands how good marketing practices can equate to repeat and new business.

Understanding the basics of a marketing campaign can develop transferable skills across any industry. Here are a few tips on what you should focus on to push your advertising in the right direction…


Knowing what your audience wants and how you can provide it is vital. Whether this information comes from previous market research and developing structured plans or from analytical data you have captured, understanding the complexities of demographics can allow you, especially with the development of e-commerce, to specifically target your audience. Online advertisement platforms, due to the power of cookies, have become so targeted that if you wanted to market a product solely to someone aged between 18 and 23 who lives in a specific area of London, enjoys jogging and is active on social media, you easily can.

Track your activity

Whilst aware that not all marketing is online, and that print still carries with it a perceived professionalism, the ease with which you can track the activity of your digital marketing campaigns means you really should know the numbers. Using Google Analytics, companies are able to see exactly where their web and e-commerce traffic is coming from. Pages viewed, geography, gender, behavioural traits and session duration are all trackable activities you should monitor to make sure that your marketing campaign is being seen by your desired target.


No business wants to spend more money than they need to on marketing, and understanding budgets is a factor that can create incredible revenue for your company. For example, by focusing on accurate keywords when delving into PPC campaigns you will get far more return on investment due to the targeted nature of your marketing criteria. This will mean more revenue to invest in other areas of your business.

Finding a niche

Some may think that by solely occupying a niche in your industry you may be capping growth. However, a niche in the market allows you to be much more targeted. Once you have a loyal audience and repeat business is a constant, then you can expand your brand due to increased revenue, but starting off niche and being more concise with your marketing is something that can be recommended. The rise of niche publications throughout the UK is a testament to the success of this.

By following these tips you can be assured that when implementing your marketing strategies you will be able to evolve and innovate them in the future with ease.