…Don’t fall for form without function

When it comes to the web, social media, email campaigns and any other form of marketing, there has always been one vital rule: content is king.

You can only make yourself desirable to prospective clients if the content you deliver to them lets all your deliverables shine through.

We want to explain exactly how you can make your content stand out from the crowd and earn confidence from any company reading it, whether online or in print. Great visual content is vital, but without a meaningful context behind it, it won’t draw in the calibre of client you may be seeking.

Here are our top five tips to make sure that your content never falls flat again…

1/ Encouraging engagement

A huge part of any business is getting your clients to engage with it. Only By doing this can you be assured of immediate and repeat business. Quality content is the best way to do this. Catchy headings and other variations which can make content more appealing to anyone is key to bringing people through the platform on which you are marketing yourself. Otherwise they’ll simply scroll past and the content will be wasted. Make content easy to share through social media and other platforms to keep people engaging.

2/ Add value

You add value to your company with quality content. When everything is well written, laid out correctly and spell checked, anyone viewing the material online will immediately appreciate your level of professionalism. Quality content leads to quality business coming through. An invaluable business model and the relationship between the brand and consumers that is created is something every company needs. Content that adds value for consumers by educating them on the product/services you offer is a vital tool for any marketer in today’s internet-based freight industry.

3/ Take a different approach

Your marketing sells your products to your clients. Sometimes face-to-face sales can be obtrusive, so by using clever marketing you can expand your operations to business you never thought possible. By creating content your customers find useful, they feel as though they’re having a conversation with you, which means they trust you and are more likely to buy from you. Even commenting on your social media posts opens this dialogue.

4/ Converge media

Whether we like it or not, all media platforms these days are content based. You need quality information to contextualise everything on the Internet from social media to your webpage. It’s much more than just ‘owned media’ such as a blog or a website, it’s a critical aspect of how your business functions and is something that you have to take into consideration. Even paid advertisement through the media is dependent on the quality of the content.

5/ Answer questions

If you want to find your site at the top of search results then you need to start answering questions your customers are asking. If someone searches ‘who is the best air freight operator?’ and content on your website or social media platforms answers this, then you will be recognised by Google as a reliable source and will therefore see more people visiting your site and reading your content. This will give you an option outside simply ranking, displaying basic information about your business and what you do.

If you don’t have the time to produce quality content, Freight Media Ltd. are always happy to put together promotional editorial for our contract clients. Whether this be promoting new services, new recruits or any exciting projects that you have coming up, we can cover a wide range of sectors and topics that will get the attention of influential figures in the industry.

A massively beneficial and popular feature that many companies have enjoyed the use of is Move It Like…, which perfectly balances unique, interesting content with professional imagery of you and your company. It provides any forwarder with a platform to stand out from the competition and for use when presenting your services to clients. Feel free to contact us for a full range of offerings.