There is a plethora of features currently in use on Facebook and even we accept that it all gets a little perplexing. Companies across the globe want to utilise the most popular social media/marketing platform in the world; however, with constant updates questions often arise…

How do you analyse your company’s profile in detail? Should you be using video? What is branded content and targeted advertising? Let us guide you through the turbulent social media storm with some of our tips for Facebook users, and get you on your way to online marketing victory.

Targeted marketing

A simple but effective tool for many freight forwarders is Facebook’s relatively new, extremely niche, targeted marketing feature. How convenient would it be if you could only advertise to people on Facebook in a certain age bracket, who live in a certain area, with particular interests, in a job role connected to your industry? Handy, right? Well, now you can.

Using Facebook’s targeted marketing services you can spend money on making sure only people who will engage with your advertisements see them. Compared to more traditional forms of marketing this is an incredible service for any business aiming to grow their client base and interact with customers on a positive, personal level.


You wouldn’t pay for a website that didn’t have pictures or a way for your potential clients to contact you with immediate results. Why would you do it differently on Facebook? Making sure your response time is validated, i.e. it says ‘very responsive to messages’, can sway a client towards contacting you.

A recognisable profile picture, cover photo, about section (littered with keywords) and an overall conclusive theme to your content posting makes it seem like you pay attention to all your online channels and don’t just have a business Facebook profile because it seems like ‘a cool thing to have’. Professionalism and relevance are key indicators to clients that you know what you’re doing.


A feature which is seldom used on Facebook is the ability to schedule posts. How many times have you said you would use social media for your company more, but it takes too much time? This doesn’t have to be the case. Using Facebook’s schedule post means that you can put out a standard message that you want everyone to see, perhaps company values or a service you offer, three or four times in a month.

Not only does this mean that the overall message will reach more people, you can also schedule the post to appear at peak times that traffic is coming into the channel and ensure that your services are being seen by an engaged audience, constantly.

Organic & tidy

Making sure that photos are formatted correctly, videos are professionally formatted and not grainy, compelling content with correct headlines and backlinking content to any other web-based platform is a crucial step in gaining notoriety on Facebook.

Automatic posting is a newish fad that many businesses are doing, as is paid-for/branded content, and whilst they do have their benefits, posting your content online organically is always a better way to build your company’s Facebook profile. It means that when it comes to paying for Facebook services, or automatic posting, having looked at the insights and understood your audience and landscape for your industry on the channel you will only pay for content that you know will positively affect your business.

This is only a small measure of what Facebook has to offer you and your freight business. There are so many different features and with the ever-changing nature of these services, if you ever feel stuck, feel free to contact Freight Media ( for friendly advice.