We understand that marketing your freight forwarding services needs to come from a plethora of outlets and channels. In the connected world we live in, an incredible way of doing this is through the power of social media.

It may seem obvious that your social media prevalence is an important part of marketing in today’s freight forwarding industry, although sometimes you just don’t have the time to create attractive content that will grab the attention of perspective consumers.

If you follow these tips and tricks you will be a on a road to social media success in no time. However, if you feel you are still struggling with keeping up with the social media savvy, fear not. We have an incredible in-house team who can help you deal with social media across all channels.

Picture it

Visuals and social media go hand in hand. People love seeing videos and pictures, rather than scrolling through text. The freight forwarding industry is lucky enough to have several diverse key sectors at its disposal—land, air and sea—so use these in a visually striking way! Attractive, professional pictures will attract new business. Coupled with tagging relevant companies you will see your social media engagement skyrocket.


The forwarding game can be one with plenty of scope for analytics. Social media is no different. You can’t learn from your mistakes if you do not re-examine posts and see what worked and what didn’t, some content performs better on some networks than others and you can now curate content by social network. Just like you would in any other walk of life, reflecting and acting on social media will help you gain more interest.


Planning and consistency is something needed to gain relevant engagement on your forwarding social media posts. Each social media channel out there is different, and therefore is operated in a different way. Looking through each one individually, factoring in things such as tone, content type, formatting, tagging, editorial plan and even content structure will help build a better base across all platforms.

Manage time

Like I have already mentioned, in the forwarding industry, time is precious. You don’t want to be sat around for hours crafting posts to different social media channels, when more pressing cargo deliveries could be dealt with. Finding a balance that works for you and your business is key to this. If you are building connections and creating revenue through LinkedIn, but your Facebook posts aren’t generating any interest, then tailor your schedule around LinkedIn and continue to expand on new markets that are there for the taking.

Use targeted social ads

Using social media ads is a great way to attract people to your website and show them all the information they need about your freight forwarding knowledge and services. Retargeting options where you can follow your website visitors to other sites like Twitter and Facebook, and encourage them to take further action is a huge advantage to this. For example, you can display “page like” ads and encourage relevant customers to like or share content from your forwarding site.

This may be a paid service; however, the upside is a unique service, meaning your potential customers don’t see all your communication, but with good marketing tactics you can improve your chances of showing up in their social streams! In return, you get relevant clients and another place to reach your desired audience.

We can help increase your brand recognition, whether this be through paid advertisements on social media, or through cutting edge marketing tactics, leading to more engagement and revenue through a more connected and relevant client base. Forwarder offer many different packages to suit your needs and would be more than happy to talk to you through them.

All this can be achieved through the power of social media, so, what are you waiting for? Create a more engaging freight forwarding platform on social media today, and reap the rewards tomorrow!