An oft-overlooked form of online marketing for companies in the freight forwarding community is one the power Google holds. Google, which currently has the power to acquire a company every day, is seen as more of search engine than a way to successfully market your services.

However, bigger brand awareness, Adwords, SEO, compatibility with Gmail, their own social media platform and the ability to measure your performance reliably means that the numerous offerings from Google make it an all-encompassing marketing tool that you really need to understand.

Here are our top tips and advice to help you to understand the benefits of using Google efficiently and effectively and to reap the financial rewards for your company.


Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) campaign platform is a way for companies to drive traffic to their own website and thus create brand awareness along with potential revenue for your company. Before running an AdWords campaign and ascending the Google ranks, you must first think about how the platform works, what you wish to achieve from your campaign, which audiences you wish to target, understanding your budget and how all this will correlate to future business. By implementing a successful AdWords campaign you can climb the Google ladder and not spend so much time adhering to the strict guidelines. A quick and effective way to pay for positive content, AdWords is a platform that most businesses need to consider if they want influential individuals to view their content more often.


Whilst AdWords is a paid method of climbing Google’s ladder, posting organically will help improve your SEO (Search-Engine Optimisation), and it is vital to understand how this works. There is currently an incredible amount of importance being placed on the shoulders of SEO due to it affecting the visibility of a website or specific web page in a search engine’s organic (non-paid-for) results. Whilst AdWords is a way to improve your position on Google, it does cost in order to be successful. Instead, by understanding the criteria Google sets for SEO you will be able to organically increase recognition for your service, product or page online. It may be a big ask for you to understand the complexities that come with SEO criteria, but a basic understanding of how to organically grow your brand online is both cost and time effective.


Email influencing is a way for numerous companies in the industry to advertise their message and values in a quick, cost-effective way and being able to amalgamate Gmail into this means you will see immediate results. Using Gmail as your preferred email platform you can take advantage of the huge amount of storage, easy synchronisation with Outlook, incredible portability and possibly the cheapest email platform for business use.


The Google equivalent to Facebook. If you haven’t been using this channel, you really aught to be. Google+ hasn’t been hailed as an incredible success thus far, but it plays a vital role in Google’s view of your company’s SEO. I can understand why many would think that this is a relatively unimportant channel, but Google holds massive sway over the way people view content online, and to not buy into their social media channel could prove to be a company’s undoing. Making sure you post organically and consistently with engaging content means you will see the benefits of the channel.

Using these different services will result in your company’s profile overtaking others trying to compete in the world of online marketing. Ignoring free marketing tools that are going to help increase your brand awareness online would be a huge mistake with regards to your company’s online persona. By implementing these tools and platforms, you will see traffic grow through your different platforms and create tangible change. If Google is something that you struggle with, don’t hesitate to give anyone at Freight Media a call for some advice on how to conquer the world of digital marketing.