You’ll undoubtedly have seen advertorials somewhere in your regular reading. It’s usually a feature article which might be labelled ‘sponsored’ or ‘promotional editorial’. Whether it’s a trade-related publication or otherwise, brands will often use this kind of feature in order to promote a new product or business service, as well as providing much-needed context. Taking advantage of publications whose readers are your ideal clients makes great business sense: it’s a ‘low-pressure’ approach to advertising, and there is a multitude of benefits to producing advertorial content.

Brand Awareness

You may have heard the saying, ‘All publicity is good publicity’. Celebrating media attention regardless of whether it’s positive or negative isn’t a strategy we would recommend for most businesses. However, there’s certainly a level of merit to be found in having a media presence which falls outside of traditional advertising.

Often if you’re reading a news story, you’ll find a quote from someone reputable relating to the topic. For example, if there is an update on the impact of Brexit on the logistics industry hitting the news, you’d expect soundbites from the government, perhaps the Brexit Secretary, an opposition party member and a representative from the freight and logistics industry itself. A huge part of this method of reporting is establishing trust and credibility, so the sources used for providing opinion and perspective on topical news has to be a trustworthy company or individual.

In our current climate, any company worth their salt will not only be keeping an eye on the latest updates around Brexit, but also topics such as logistics market trends, competitor news, CEO and Director-level shakeups and more. this is an opportunity for your brand. If the same prospective client consistently sees your brand name, they will begin to associate you with expert, trusted opinion. Getting your opinions across in established industry publications will pique the interest of their readership and cement your position as an industry leader.

Brand ‘Stickiness’

In 2018 it is estimated that the average UK citizen sees 5,000 ads a day (StopAd, 2018). From online ads to offline, indirect influencer advertising, product placement, promotional events… It’s not surprising that some people are ‘turned off’ to advertising and the constant bombardment – the market is completely saturated, and most adverts are forgettable at best.

Presenting high-value material or experiences for prospective clients results in memorability. So what sticks? Two things: entertaining content and educational content.

On the first point, think about John Lewis & Partners’ Christmas adverts. They are highly anticipated each year, because they connect emotionally with consumers – they provide a story, a talking point. It’s not about everybody flocking to John Lewis to buy a product featured in the advert, but when we think Christmas, a lot of people think John Lewis.

As for the ‘educational’, prospects will also hold you in higher regard if they believe you value their interests outside of purely being your client: i.e. you respect their individual interests and aren’t just trying to hard sell. One great example is our recent promotional editorial for Crown Couriers. They wanted to provide a write-up for us on supply-chain efficiency: specifically, how it could be increased by the optimum utilisation of warehousing. Their promotional editorial discussed not only their own strategies in this area, but how other companies within the supply chain were making things work. It demonstrated the variety of options which are available to businesses large and small, which represented their position as a business who cares.

Brand Leadership

A promotional editorial piece helps you to cut through the advertising clutter and remind people that you aren’t just a brand: you’re a team of people. This is your opportunity to position yourself in front of your clients – prospective and current – and share your opinions, advice and your company’s USPs.

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