As a business, it is easy to feel as though you are not allowed to talk about your success – you often have to wait for others to give the praise, be that existing or previous clients and customers. We’re living in a digitalised world, and let’s be frank: nobody would be interested in LinkedIn if their feed were clogged with constant pushy, boastful posts from companies.

In a modern world full of myriad marketing intelligence and business strategies, companies try to stand out whilst still maintaining a modicum of dignity. Oh, and don’t you dare get caught talking about how modest your company is, because you will immediately fail and be labelled with the same boastful behaviour you’re trying to avoid in the first place. Reality check: it’s immodest to claim modesty. Where exactly do we draw the line between smug and confident?

There is a way you can shout about your company, professionally. From reaching a milestone or anniversary achievement, to informing potential customers that you offer impressive services to the freight and logistics industry. These credible achievements can be showcased in a tailored, sleek and professional format without the fuss of crossing any lines. The solution? A company newsletter, and here’s why you’re missing out…

Brand awareness

Publishing a company report gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss your business, what you specialise in, what your audience demographic is and any recognisable praises such as testimonials from clients. Not only this, but the layout and design of your report will maximise your brand’s impact. Branding is an integral part of your company and is the identity that allows you to stand out. You should ensure that your newsletter conforms to your corporate identity from cover to cover, which will solidify your presence.

2  Blow your own trumpet (you’re in the right acoustics)

Granted, this article opened up about how businesses need to consider their marketing strategies and not sound too boastful. However, the purpose of a newsletter? Company news. Anyone reading it will fully expect to be reading about the ins and outs of your company (and are likely viewing this information for a reason, be they a potential client, potential candidate or out of research/interest). So keep this in mind and blow your trumpet loud and clear
– your audience aren’t LinkedIn scrollers, they’re here for business. 

Marketing strategy

A company report is brilliant for an additional marketing strategy. What better way to clinch a sale or get your brand ‘out there’ than with a sleek, shiny newsletter? This booklet will more or less be your company bible, so make sure you utilise it as much as possible. With over 25 years of team experience, Freight Media are marketing professionals, specialising in freight forwarding and logistics. At Freight Media, we understand that there’s competition to set yourself apart from other freight businesses, and to do so requires the right tools. Perfect to take to trade shows, client meetings and on display at your office, a company report can provide useful and insightful information to enhance your business’ image.

Rachel Jefferies, Copywriter / Media Specialist,