It’s no secret that social media can be an incredible tool when it comes to marketing your brand, raising awareness of your company’s ethos and specialisms.

But, it’s more difficult to pinpoint how this works when you’re working within a niche industry, particularly when navigating multiple factors such as search-engine optimisation (SEO), unique content generation, brand tone of voice and the wide range of social platforms that are out there. Most of the businesses we know and work with are too busy moving freight to get caught up in perfecting their social media presence. Here’s how the team at Freight Media handles it.


We have an excellent editorial team which produces regular, exceptional content which is both topical and engaging. To ensure that our articles aren’t just lost in the internet void, we curate purposeful and educational work. Combine this with a team who has over 75 years’ combined experience within the industry, and these are the makings for some very powerful content. So, how are these shared beyond the magazine?


LinkedIn provides a platform for longer-form articles which can be shared, commented on and hosted within either a personal or a business profile – establishing personal thought leadership or business trust and reliability. Combine this with our ability to breakdown and monitor the most popular hashtags (#) for your industry, and you have the potential for viral posts. Our team of social media experts can post regular articles that are timely, topical, newsworthy and will increase your brand awareness and exposure.


280 characters doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room to get things wrong, so content shared on Twitter needs to be hard hitting and concise in order to gain any traction. There are a few tactics which can be used to ensure that tweets convert to leads. We can ensure your campaigns garner attention along with high levels of engagement. With a marketing team well versed in social campaigns, Freight Media can take the stress away.


It’s a minefield to navigate, and we understand from years of working in this industry that your clients are your number-one priority. Get in touch now to find out how we can lighten the load for your business.

Sarah O’Connell, Senior Editor, Freight Media Ltd