When Ray Tomlinson sent himself an email – the very first email to have ever been sent – in 1971, little did he know the way in which emails have changed the way we communicate. While methods of communication have broadened drastically thanks to platforms such as social media, emails are still widely used for B2B and B2C forms of contact. Emails are the main form for any professional communication, so what better way to catch customers’ attention than by dropping them an e-shot in their mailbox?

A little different from your standard email, e-shots are generally emails that are sent in order to promote information or a business. Unlike normal emails that contain just plain text, e-shots are usually designed with images, graphics, titles, contain information and are usually less formal than a standard B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) email. Almost everyone has received an e-shot, whether it’s a promotion from your favourite clothing brand or a weekly newsletter subscription (wink wink), e-shots are one of the most popular marketing strategies for brands.

It’s important to be clued up before you send out e-shots on behalf of your company. If you don’t hit your target audience accurately, or portray the message efficiently, your e-shots may be seen as spam or annoying, which may damage the reputation of your brand. If the graphics and appearance of the e-shot is not ‘on brand’, recipients may unsubscribe or the mail could end up in their junk folder. New GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) data policies have been set in place as of May 2018 to combat unsolicited mail. GDPR means that companies should be granted permission by customers before they can send them marketing material. Should this not be followed, companies can face a hefty fine. E-shots can generate impressive results. However, it is important to create e-shots correctly to optimise your results. Reaching out to an expert team could provide you with the best possible results.

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom! As long as the distribution list is an organic set of data built from subscription to your company’s emails, you won’t be sending out unexpected swarms of e-shots. If e-shots are distributed correctly, your business could see some great benefits from this creative form of communication. Considering an external marketing strategy could enhance your business. Freight Media has a team of media specialists with expert knowledge in the design and distribution of e-shots, with over 15 combined years of expertise. With daily experience creating e-shots on specialist and paid-for programmes such as Active Campaign, e-shots could be exactly what your business is missing.

Why choose e-shots? E-shots are easy to track; you can view results such as the click rate, open rate and the demographic of the recipients. This means you can see how many people opened the emails and how many clicked on the links, which is useful when reviewing how well an e-shot has been received. Options to resend the e-shot out to those who have not opened the original message maximise the readership and exposure reach. If your e-shots are B2B, your e-shots are highly likely to be read, as major business communication occurs via emails. Therefore there is a stronger guarantee that business inboxes will be checked, and it’s not a case of sifting through mountains of e-shots – an issue you may come across in a clogged-up personal email account.

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