To make it clear how important marketing is to any logistic or forwarding company is, we have come up with some of the most important things to consider when trying to market yourself to potential customers.

Social media

One of the most important aspects of marketing is social media. It’s prevalence over the last few years has led to an explosion for businesses and it has created the perfect marketing tool. Many different people see social media as a limited source of advertisement for their business, however the potential marketing implications are almost endless.

Organic posting, coupled with boosting posts is a sure fire was to push your company’s services, or content, to a wider, more influential audience. Responding to posts with positive comments is a great way of keeping engagement from your users on the channel, which in turn, creates a more confident marketing experience.

This engagement on social media shows your company genuinely cares about the feedback and views of customers, which is something you rarely get from other advertising platforms.

Email marketing

Email marketing has been an incredibly useful tool since the explosion of the Internet as a marketing device. However, in recent years many people have began to slack in the creation of their own email marketing campaigns. Not taking care of the wording in emails, along the pictures, can be detrimental to how successful your emails can be.

You can create a lift in your email marketing revenue by reducing your subject lines to only one word. Choose that word carefully. It should encourage curiosity, while staying relevant to your message. With the one right word, or question you will see your email campaigns rocket.


Search Engine Optimisation is vital for any company who wants their website and social media channels to do well on Google, allowing them to appear in prime spots on the search engine. SEO helps search engines figure out what each page is about, and how it may be useful for users, as computers don’t see websites in the same way humans do, so making sure you use the right kinds of applications on your website.

Between 80-90% of customers now check online reviews prior to making a purchase or using a service. They get these reviews from search engines, so making sure you use the right keywords, images, sizes and responsiveness on your website will all contribute to how people will be able to see your website through search engines.

Public relations

Public Relations is an element of marketing that needs special attention paid to it. The way in which a company portrays its brand or message to the public is an address that needs to be made in a short concise way, whilst also being true. Hiding anything from the public can be the destruction of a company, so being as upfront about any dealings is important.

A secret that public relations holds, that many don’t realise, is that the press are most interested in the value-added information that will help them succeed in each area—not in hearing promotional information from you. By thinking of your readers’ needs first—not your own self-interests—you will receive business traction and audience engagement beyond your dreams.

Paid advertising

Making sure you make the right choice for your company when it comes to advertising can be a major factor in determining the success of your marketing presence. PPC advertising campaigns are a great way to discover what will work for you business, but if you do choose this way of advertising there are a few ways to maximise it.

If you’re running a campaign with a dozen keywords and only have one ad, then you’re throwing money away. Create a specific ad group that targets single keywords. Then create two to three ads for that one keyword. See which ad works best, then run with it. You will see a far better ROI when placing your ads with any search engine this way.