Here are our top seven tips on how to make the most out of marketing on LinkedIn…

1/ Actionable content

Making sure that you have a call-to-action (CTA) on any of your content is vital to engage an audience within your industry. At every stage of your campaign, asking yourself what CTA you’re using to drive consumer behaviour will ensure that not only you, but if your team stays on track. When approaching your CTA, you must ask yourself what content format your audience is most likely to respond to. Does your blog audience generally prefer e-book downloads? What news would most interest them? When you take into consideration these factors, and more, you’ll be able to create revenue through clever marketing.

2/ Grow your company profile

Growing the overall persona of your brand through LinkedIn is vital to having a successful marketing campaign. Promoting the page outside the company, Linking In with likeminded people and groups and building the consistency of you brand through imagery and videography are all ways of growing positive reputation.

3/ Demographics

Understanding demographics linked to your industry will mean that you don’t waste time nor money on promoting content to unengaged audiences. Age, gender, location, ethnicity, company, revenue should all become encompassing factors in how you approach content. Targeting teenagers with the latest developments in port connectivity isn’t exactly going to get you a massive amount of traffic and interest from investors, but if you are after younger talent within the industry it may be of interest to them. Think carefully on this.

4/ Groups

Making sure you stay connected to the most influential groups in your industry can lead to revenue being created. Often on social media platforms it is hard to connect with your industry, particularly if it is within a niche market. LinkedIn offers a more robust way of connecting within less sought-after industries and means that you can target more relevant people within your field. Whether this is for advice, insight or business you have more of an option with LinkedIn over other platforms.

5/ Staying away from automation

A pet hate of mine is automation through any social media platform, especially LinkedIn. AI hasn’t quite achieved the heights we really want it to be and, therefore, automated messages be a lazy way for a company to cast a wide net and not care about the people they are trying to conduct business with. Contact your potential clients personal on the channel and make sure you make them aware of this. A lot can still be said for the personal touch.

6/ LinkedIn ad

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn offers targeted ads. These ads can allow you to quickly implement a marketing campaign, however, you do have to spend money. If you don’t have time to deal with the complexities of SEO criteria, then you may want to look at LinkedIn’s ad platform to make sure you are reaching the perfect potential client.

7/ Don’t be afraid

Some people can be reserved on LinkedIn, giving it the stigma that it is still a glorified CV stage. Shouting about your product/service in a professional manner and not being afraid to connect and speak with CEO’s and MD’s of companies shows a willingness to compete within freight forwarding, and LinkedIn allows you to do this by marketing you, and your company, in a truly unique manner.