Twitter is by no means a new social media tool to many businesses. If Donald Trump alone is anything to go by, it is an incredibly powerful marketing tool to promote yourself or your business.

Twitters real time activity set-up is unrivalled by any other social media platform currently in use. This means that if you want immediate results, and to check the latest trends within your industry, then you really need to get tweeting.

With a plethora of tools and extensions that allow you to monitor Twitter and gain insight on your competitions social media activity, in the modern era of marketing, this is a free outlet that needs to be taken advantage of. Whether it’s customer service responses, business networking or research on potential clients / competitors Twitter is very much still a tool that needs the attention of any business, especially those within the freight forwarding community.

Here are our top tips to help you become a triumphant Tweeter…


First impressions count, and the fact people can examine exactly who you follow on Twitter is many businesses first opinion on your company’s social media profile. An easy way to help the visibility of your follower profile is to use one of the platforms often overlooked features, its lists. Twitter lists are on of its most powerful features. Lists allow you to group the important people you follow so that you don’t forget exactly who you want to follow and industry giants that you can monitor. You can create separate lists for, customer profiles, people in the forwarding industry, social media influencers, professional organisations who you could collaborate with. This will help you from following bots and inactive accounts.

Branding you Twitter page

Staying with the idea of first impressions, the branding of your Twitter profile says a lot about your company. Colour schemes, professional imagery, a well written and snappy bio are all things that will he people perceive your business in a better light. The fact Twitter allows you to customise the look and colours of your Twitter profile page, tells us that you really should. It is granting you an opportunity to provide additional information about your business to everyone who checks out your profile. You can create a custom graphic and use it for your Twitter background, making you stand out in the seas of social media.

A smart use of Twitter

There are several ways in which using Twitter can used in a more intelligent way. Using TweetDeck to monitor Twitter activity within your specific industry has become a vital tool for businesses around the globe. TweetDeck, for example, allows you to see exactly who is Tweeting about freight forwarding and allows you to then respond to them in real time.

The impact this could have, if used correctly, on your business could be huge. If you were able to see every active Twitter user that is looking for freight forwarding services, worldwide, and respond to their demand instantaneously, providing them with great online customer service and quality products, then why not use this free tool?

Organic posting

Many businesses now tend to post content directly from their webpage to Twitter. Whilst this is a time saving method of using social media, nothing with beat the engagement and reach of a well put together organic post. By using the right hashtags, incorporating the latest trends, tagging people in the post and through attached professional imagery, you will get a better result.

This may seem like a bit more effort than automatic posting from websites, however, these well-constructed posts will affect your SEO ranking and you will see the effectiveness of you Twitter account skyrocket.